Monday, November 21, 2011

GanttProject 2.5 beta IV

Beta IV fixes severe problems discovered in all export functions in beta III on Windows.

Friday, November 11, 2011

GanttProject 2.5 "Praha": the third beta

So, the third beta is waiting for you on our download pages. It finishes the stage of implementation of major features and opens the stage of bugfixing.

What has changed since the second beta?

Export functions. iText PDF export engine now prints data columns, just like other exports and printing. It also was promoted to default way of PDF export, and FOP engine will probably be removed in the next major update.

PNG and PDF exports now allow for choosing a date range for the charts.

UI. We have a new set of toolbar icons painted in one style and color scheme, 1.5x bigger in size. Thanks to the authors of AnyColorYouLike Gnome icon theme! Also we added a search box to the toolbar. Oh, wait, there is also a long anticipated feature: separate option for the short date format! Find it in the basic application settings, just under appearance and interface language.

Recover and bug reporting. A sudden power outage can ruin all your work unless either you or software regularly save it. GanttProject does save your projects but this has not been exposed in the UI. Now we have Recover project action in Help menu which scans through autosaves and suggest you to recover (or skip) them. Also, to make bug reporting easier, we added an action to view log file contents.

The last, but not least, is that Custom columns tab in task properties dialog now shows and edits the values of custom columns for the selected task. Not the columns themselves and their default values as it was before. Less surprises, less need to write manuals.

GP Praha has got its version number, now it is officially GanttProject 2.5. Go ahead and give it a try!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

GanttProject Praha: beta 2 is here!

The second beta of GanttProject Praha is available for download. We have packages for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

It fixes a lot of issues found in the first beta and on old usability problems, such as losing entered data in task resource and predecessor tables. Thanks to all who reported them!  We also updated the UI of custom columns management in task and resource tables. Now you can add, remove, change default value, hide or show custom columns from the single window.

It is available from the context menu on task/resource table header.

Beta 2 certainly has a lot of bugs. Please report them on the forum or in the issue tracker, and please save our time by checking first if it is already reported or maybe even already fixed!

We plan to release the third beta with a few remaining features to the wild as soon as possible and focus after that on translations and bugfixing. Stay tuned!

Monday, July 25, 2011

GP 2.0.10, Lion update

GanttProject package for Mac OSX used to require Rosetta (software which runs Power PC binaries on Intel processors). Since there is no Rosetta in Mac OSX Lion, I rebuilt this package. It should run fine without Rosetta and it also should run fine on previous Mac OSX versions on Intel processors. A new version is available for downloading on Google Code:

Old version is also there for those who still run Mac OSX on Power PC:


Sunday evening, Google Code shows that GanttProject 2.0.10 for Windows has been downloaded one million times. 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GanttProject Praha: beta1 is out!

Hello everyone!

The first public beta of the new major update of GanttProject is available for downloading. All traditional packages plus a new DEB package for Linux (Ubuntu) users are waiting!

There are many updates, some of them have already been around for a while, so here I enumerate those which appeared after the last alpha build.

  • Notification area in the status bar which reports errors, if any, and keeps you tuned by reading updates feed from our site. It checks the updates just once per day and it incurs no startup delay. 

  • Simple search service which can search in task/resource names and task notes. You can activate it by hitting Ctrl+F

  • Rubber dependencies are now rendered as dashed lines

  • If you're sharing with your colleague a project file on a network disk and your buddy overwrites it while you're working on your part, GanttProject will show you a warning

  • WebDAV over HTTPS is now supported, and overall is expected to work better.
  • Column resize mode is now "next column" instead of "proportional resize" which turned out to be annoying
It is a public release, and we encourage you to try it, but keep in mind it is still beta. There are bugs, some of them are already known, so please check the existing issues before submitting new bug reports!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Move the whole project

If you planned to start your project on January 1 and created a big plan, but after that decided to go hiking to New Zealand until February, you would want to move the whole project somehow. You can use some tricks to do it in the old good GanttProject 2.0.10, but starting from build 428 of GP Praha you have an explicit option.

In the Calendar page of Project Properties dialog you see a date chooser. It shows the current project start date, that is, the start date of the earliest task in your project. Choosing another date will move some or all of the tasks, depending on what rescheduling option you select.

Move all tasks will just add the same number of days to all tasks in the project, and it is the default option. However, sometimes you want to move the project start but prefer to keep the remaining tasks intact whenever possible. You can use the second option for that.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

GanttProject Praha build 428

A new build of GanttProject Praha is available for downloading.

What's new and noteworthy (I will try to give more details later on the most important items) :
  • Major rewrite of the options dialog. I hope it now looks much more clean and professional.
  • Move the whole project feature. Checkout Calendar page in the project properties and set a new start date, with two rescheduling options.
  • "Project states" renamed to what they're supposed to be, that is, to baselines.There is a new baseline edit dialog, and the button which shows it sits above the gantt chart timeline next to "show/hide critical path" button
  • Some more intelligence with respect to the custom properties in MS Project MPP import
  • Many small UI fixes everywhere.
We're approaching the wide beta testing phase, with announcements on the home page and all. It hopefully will start with the next public build of GP Praha. Stay tuned and give the alpha build the first try!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

GanttProject Praha build 306

Hello GanttProject friends,
the next build of GanttProject Praha is available for downloading. The most noteworthy changes are:

1. Microsoft Project export and improved import
2. Months at the bottom of the timeline and thus ability to fit a few years into the Gantt chart viewport

You can download it from

Read more about GanttProject Praha: