Saturday, March 19, 2011

GanttProject Praha build 428

A new build of GanttProject Praha is available for downloading.

What's new and noteworthy (I will try to give more details later on the most important items) :
  • Major rewrite of the options dialog. I hope it now looks much more clean and professional.
  • Move the whole project feature. Checkout Calendar page in the project properties and set a new start date, with two rescheduling options.
  • "Project states" renamed to what they're supposed to be, that is, to baselines.There is a new baseline edit dialog, and the button which shows it sits above the gantt chart timeline next to "show/hide critical path" button
  • Some more intelligence with respect to the custom properties in MS Project MPP import
  • Many small UI fixes everywhere.
We're approaching the wide beta testing phase, with announcements on the home page and all. It hopefully will start with the next public build of GP Praha. Stay tuned and give the alpha build the first try!