Thursday, January 22, 2015

GanttProject 2.7 Release

GanttProject 2.7 "Ostrava" is finally released! Since RCII we have fixed a few bugs and updated a number of translations and calendars. Packages for all major platforms are ready.

Short summary
GanttProject 2.7 adds simple task cost calculation, weekend exceptions and other calendar improvements, import of calendars from iCalendar format, some UI customizations and usability improvements. Find the details on GanttProject 2.7 official page or in the list of enhancements and list of fixed bugs in the issue tracker.

GanttProject 2.7 requires Java Runtime version 7 or higher. We recommend using the latest Java Runtime from Oracle or OpenJDK. No special hardware requirements.

GanttProject 2.7 is almost completely translated to Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Latviannew!, Norwegian, Polish, Brasilian Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian and Swedish. We have built-in holiday calendars for year 2015 for Austria, France, Germany, Russia, Serbia, UK and US.

We will publish maintenance updates with bugfixes and localization improvements in the next few months and will soon start working on the next major update.

Thanks to everyone who was involved into translating and testing process! You're awesome!

Friday, January 2, 2015

GanttProject 2.7 RC II and winter holidays

The second Release Candidate build of GanttProject 2.7 was published on Dec 29. Main changes:

  • Translation updates. GP 2.7 is translated to Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, and we have a brand new Latvian translation from Sanita Armane
  • Public holidays calendars update: we added US and French calendars for years 2008-2016, converted from calendars published on
  • Bugfixes
You can download GanttProject 2.7 RC II from its page on We have installer for Windows, package for Ubuntu Linux (and other deb-based) and platform-independent ZIP archive. Mac OSX image is not yet ready.

I am on winter holidays until Jan 12, so the release build of GanttProject 2.7 is expected somewhere mid-January. It is not going to be significantly different: we may have a few more translations and calendars and maybe a couple of bugfixes. 

Happy New Year, everyone, and stay with us in 2015!

-- Dmitry Barashev