Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GanttProject Praha: beta1 is out!

Hello everyone!

The first public beta of the new major update of GanttProject is available for downloading. All traditional packages plus a new DEB package for Linux (Ubuntu) users are waiting!

There are many updates, some of them have already been around for a while, so here I enumerate those which appeared after the last alpha build.

  • Notification area in the status bar which reports errors, if any, and keeps you tuned by reading updates feed from our site. It checks the updates just once per day and it incurs no startup delay. 

  • Simple search service which can search in task/resource names and task notes. You can activate it by hitting Ctrl+F

  • Rubber dependencies are now rendered as dashed lines

  • If you're sharing with your colleague a project file on a network disk and your buddy overwrites it while you're working on your part, GanttProject will show you a warning

  • WebDAV over HTTPS is now supported, and overall is expected to work better.
  • Column resize mode is now "next column" instead of "proportional resize" which turned out to be annoying
It is a public release, and we encourage you to try it, but keep in mind it is still beta. There are bugs, some of them are already known, so please check the existing issues before submitting new bug reports!

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