Friday, November 11, 2011

GanttProject 2.5 "Praha": the third beta

So, the third beta is waiting for you on our download pages. It finishes the stage of implementation of major features and opens the stage of bugfixing.

What has changed since the second beta?

Export functions. iText PDF export engine now prints data columns, just like other exports and printing. It also was promoted to default way of PDF export, and FOP engine will probably be removed in the next major update.

PNG and PDF exports now allow for choosing a date range for the charts.

UI. We have a new set of toolbar icons painted in one style and color scheme, 1.5x bigger in size. Thanks to the authors of AnyColorYouLike Gnome icon theme! Also we added a search box to the toolbar. Oh, wait, there is also a long anticipated feature: separate option for the short date format! Find it in the basic application settings, just under appearance and interface language.

Recover and bug reporting. A sudden power outage can ruin all your work unless either you or software regularly save it. GanttProject does save your projects but this has not been exposed in the UI. Now we have Recover project action in Help menu which scans through autosaves and suggest you to recover (or skip) them. Also, to make bug reporting easier, we added an action to view log file contents.

The last, but not least, is that Custom columns tab in task properties dialog now shows and edits the values of custom columns for the selected task. Not the columns themselves and their default values as it was before. Less surprises, less need to write manuals.

GP Praha has got its version number, now it is officially GanttProject 2.5. Go ahead and give it a try!

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