Saturday, November 8, 2014

GanttProject 2.7 beta IV

We're approaching the end of beta testing phase. A few new features were added in Beta IV which was published today, November 7th, and we expect to focus on bugfixing and translations in the time remaining until release.

Okay, so what's new in the fourth beta build?

Holiday colors

You asked, we listened. Now any calendar event, whether it is a holiday or a weekend exception, or just a neutral date, can have its own color.
Neutral event and weekend exception with colors

Shortcuts for managing calendar events

If you only want to add one day as weekend exception, you don't need to open a settings dialog. Just right-click in the chart column at the date you want and choose appropriate shortcut action

Event actions in the context menu

Date pointer

When you zoom out, you see the project at small scale and locating exact date becomes more difficult. To make it easier we now show a small pointer under the timeline which follows mouse pointer in horizontal dimension and shows the date under the pointer.

Date pointer (yep, it is there!)

Application and chart font options

Hey, lucky owners of giant displays, you can now change application and chart font size from the settings dialog. And if you want to use some other font family, you can change it as well

Large application font and font option in the settings dialog

Why OK is disabled?

Usability improvements in the export wizard

One of the most frequently asked question about the export wizard is "why OK is disabled?". Almost always the answer is "because for some reasons you can't write to the file which is chosen as export target" but that's absolutely not obvious from the user interface. Now we show explanation which is hopefully meaningful.


We have fixed a number of bugs found in the previous beta builds and reported by our awesome users. Thanks everyone who is testing beta builds!

How to get it

Download beta IV from this direct link:
During beta testing phase we publish ZIP distros only. You can run it on any Java-enabled platform (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc.), provided that you can run java command from your terminal window. Please refer to installation instructions on our Wiki pages.