Friday, September 19, 2014

GanttProject 2.7 beta III

We just've published the third beta of GanttProject 2.7. What's new?

Split one-off and recurring holidays

We moved one-off and recurring holidays in the Project Calendar settings to separate tabs.

One-off and recurring holidays on different tabs

Recently used colors

Java Swing color chooser won't remember chosen colors across program runs, so we extended it a little bit and added our recent colors list. It is stored in a project file and will show up on any computer running GP 2.7

Recent colors list in the color chooser

There is a new option in the Application UI settings which allows to choose application font. A number of bugs has been fixed, in particular, drag'n'drop of multiple tasks now works fine, Outline number column is used in CSV import to reconstruct WBS, and unlock works fine in WebDAV dialog.

Download GanttProject 2.7 beta III from our web site, test it and report bugs if you find them.