Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Out of Memory issues in GanttProject 2.6.3 and 2.6.4

A few users reported that GanttProject 2.6.3 and GanttProject 2.6.4 may fail with Out of Memory exceptions on start time or at any other moment (e.g. when running export/import operations). We're aware of this issue, we know the root cause and we're working on the fix. The root cause is that we're now reading more font files than we used to (this fixes another problem in PDF export) and once a file is read, it remains in memory (this is a feature of iText library which we use). It was the same in the previous versions, but we just read smaller number of files.

The fix will be available soon, and if you urgently need a temporary workaround, you can do one of the following:

  1. Remove plugin/org.ganttproject.impex.htmlpdf folder from GanttProject installation directory. Please be aware that this will remove PDF export feature.
  2. Open plugin/org.ganttproject.impex.htmlpdf/plugin.xml file in any text editor, find <extension point="org.ganttproject.impex.htmlpdf.FontDirectory"> line and remove these three lines below:

    <dir name="C:/windows/fonts" absolute="true"/>
    <dir name="/usr/share/fonts/truetype" absolute="true"/>
    <dir name="/System/Library/Fonts" absolute="true"/>

    Do not remove <dir name="fonts"/> line. This will prevent GanttProject from reading TrueType fonts from your system but will keep bundled Liberation Sans font.
Hope it helps to solve the issue and sorry for the troubles!