Monday, February 3, 2014

Galician translation

There is Galician translation in GanttProject 2.6.2, contributed by Xesús M. Mosquera Carregal, but unfortunately it can't be chosen in GanttProject interface language settings. The reason is that language dropdown shows only locales supported by Java Runtime (unless an exception is explicitly set up). However, you can add a third-party implementation of Galician locale by just copying a file into appropriate folder in your system. The instructions are given on Galician locale site. They mention JAVA_HOME which is the folder where your Java Runtime is installed. If you don't know where is that folder on your system, you can find its location in the second line of GanttProject log (Help→View log in the menu).

Having this done, you should see Galician language in the dropdown (don't forget to restart GanttProject).

We're working on making Galician translation available without corresponding locale and on making locale installation process more automated, if possible.