Thursday, November 28, 2013

Announcing Papeeria, our new product

You all know that Google Apps and similar services have significantly changed the way we use software. Many people use cloud-based apps personally and many businesses, from small ones to huge corporations have adopted cloud services for their operations. At the same time, academia world, which I kinda connected with, is still tied to their desktops. Should they want to write a paper, they use LaTeX on their laptops. Should they need to run a computing experiment, they use their university cluster if one is available or, well, their laptop if it is not.

I am working with my small team on Papeeria, and our ultimate goal is to move the full stack of research tools online, so that researchers could run experiments, work on paper texts, build graphs from their data anywhere and at any moment. Call it Massive Open Online Research if you wish. We launched the first component just a few months ago.

It is an online LaTeX editor for high-quality typesetting

Yes, we know there are a few other services which offer online LaTeX typesetting. Competition is great and challenging. We don't plan to stick to typesetting, and we're working on other components of the research stack. Stay tuned, follow us on Google+ and on Twitter!