Wednesday, July 4, 2012

GanttProject Brno: the first beta

I am happy to announce that we're starting beta-testing of GanttProject Brno, which is a major update with  new cool features.

The headline is zero-duration milestones, our old debt. It is exactly as it reads: milestones are tasks with no duration. If you have an old project where you already rely on milestones which take 1 day, you will be able to keep them, though.

Next, it is possible to show task names in the timeline, so that the most important deadlines were always visible, no matter how deep they are in the task tree. Milestones are shown there by default, but you can also add individual tasks to the timeline.

And a few more features:

  • charts are now draggable in all directions;
  • a new Outline number column shows you hierarchical outline number which updates automatically depending on where a task sits in the tree;
  • CSV import allows for importing comma-separated files. At the moment it partially imports CSV files produced by GanttProject's CSV export, but it is still under development, so expect it to be more flexible in the next betas
  • WebDAV open/save dialog is much more friendlier. Instead of scarce UI with just three fields we now have navigation through folders, options to lock or do not lock a file, editable list of your favorite servers. 

Beta I build is available for downloading as ZIP archive. It should be fairly stable, as it includes all bugfixes from GP Praha branch. Please download it, try it and provide us your feedback on the forum or in the issue tracker