Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Converting milestones duration

As I wrote previously, milestones in the next major GanttProject update (GP 2.6) will have zero duration. However, you may have reasons to keep them with 1 day duration in your existing projects. Don't fret. When you open a project, GanttProject will ask you if you want to convert your milestones or rather keep them mostly as-is.

Default option is to convert, but you may choose to keep non-zero duration. Milestones in this case will appear as regular tasks in GP 2.6, but if you save a project and open it in GP 2.5, they will appear as milestones.

Once you make decision, it is saved in a project file so next time you open this project you will not be asked. You can also tick "remember this choice" to save it to the options file for all projects.