Monday, February 1, 2021

GanttProject 3.0 Release

Bang! Bang! Meet GanttProject 3.0!

We're starting a new chapter: GanttProject Desktop is now accompanied with GanttProject Cloud, a low-cost solution for the centralized management of team projects and resources. GanttProject 3.0 is the first release which integrates with the Cloud.

We're looking forward for a wonderful and interesting journey!

Meanwhile, some boring details.

Distribution packages

All packages are available from our web site:

  • Packages for Windows and macOS are bundled with BellSoft Liberica Java Runtime version 11. The download size is about 100Mb and they need about 200Mb of the disk space.
  • DEB package for Ubuntu, Mint and other Debian-based Linux systems is not bundled with Java Runtime. It needs a regular Java Runtime 11+ from any vendor, such as AdoptOpenJDK, Amazon Corretto, BellSoft, Azul, etc.
  • Platform-independent ZIP package is not bundled with Java Runtime. It needs a Java Runtime 11+ with JavaFX. We're aware of two vendors who provide such Java distros: BellSoft Liberica and Azul Zulu.

Maintenance updates

When we fix a few bugs or update translations or calendars, we publish a maintenance update. Maintenance updates in GP 3.0 are going to be relatively frequent (approximately weekly) and relatively small, and will be delivered through the built-in update channel. We do not plan to publish full packages for each maintenance update, so we highly recommend to keep the auto-update option switched on.

Feature updates

New features will be published in feature updates which are going to be less frequent (monthly or bi-monthly) and will be available as full distribution packages.


GanttProject Desktop is free open-source software and is available for any legal purposes and kinds of usage at no charge under GNU General Public License v3. It is okay to use it for free. However, we'll appreciate choosing a pay-what-you-want download option. This will help us to build new features faster.

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