Tuesday, May 22, 2018

GanttProject 2.8.8: better usability, compatibility and localization

GanttProject 2.8.8 is here with a bunch of important updates. Thanks everyone who sent us bug reports and participated in testing!

Here is a brief overview of the updates.


First, annoying behavior of selection and cell editing in the task table which was introduced in 2.8.7 is now fixed. We also added some padding around cell values to separate adjacent right- and left- aligned cells.

Tasks in the predecessor dropdown in the task properties are now indented according to WBS and prefixed with task ID.


It turned out that GanttProject had issues when running under Java 10: MS Project import/export didn't work and macOS users had issues with launching GanttProject by double-clicking gan files. These issues are solved in 2.8.8. Besides, macOS users can now drag tasks on the chart using mouse with Command key hold. On other platforms it works with Control key hold but on macOS Ctrl+mouse click would show a context menu.

Export/Import enhancements

Two columns were added to CSV export/import: task color and resource load on particular tasks. The latter can be used for your own calculations of the total resource loads and costs in spreadsheets and databases. This column is called Assignments and it accompanies older column Resources, so you will find them both in the produced CSV files.

The values in Assignments column are semicolon-separated pairs of resource id and load which are in turn colon-separated. Thus, the value 1:50.00;2:100.00 means that the load of resource with id "1" in this task is 50%, while resource 2 works 100% of his time.

Import from Microsoft Project now recognizes recurring holidays in the default project calendar.


Great news for Chinese, Japanese and Korean users: task table in PDF reports is expected to be fixed and should show symbols properly, provided that you use an appropriate embeddable application font. On the screenshot below WengQuanYi Micro Hei font was used.

New holiday calendar for South Korea has been contributed by one of our users.


Weird bug "no enum constant" which appeared when reading certain projects is now fixed. Another very annoying issue with adding whitespace in task notes on Windows platforms is fixed as well.


Packages for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu/Mint/Debian Linux and platform-independent ZIP archive are available from the download page on ganttproject.biz

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