Wednesday, March 8, 2017

GanttProject 2.8.3: how to get back ical import

Update: this bug is fixed in GanttProject 2.8.4

Due to a bug in the application configuration import from iCal is missing in GanttProject 2.8.2 and GanttProject 2.8.3. If you want to get it back, do the following (applies to 2.8.3):

  1. Open file  plugins-2.8.3/biz.ganttproject.impex.ical/plugin.xml
    from your GanttProject 2.8.3 installation in any text editor (you may need Administrator/root priveleges for that)
  2. At line 9 replace ganttproject-ical.jar with biz.ganttproject.impex.ical.jar  
  3. Save the file and restart GanttProject
On Mac OSX the file sits in /Applications/ provided that GanttProject is installed in Applications

Sorry for this issue! We'll fix the distributions in the next update.