Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GanttProject 2.6.6

GanttProject 2.6.6 fixes a few annoying issues and provides compatibility with Java 7 on Mac OSX

It turned out that application launcher which was built into GanttProject.app was not aware of Java 7 and insisted on installing Java 6. GanttProject 2.6.6 for Mac OSX is repackaged with other launcher, and we hope that it will work fine with both Java 6 and Java 7 from now on.

Bugfixes and translation updates:
  • Gantt chart rendering issues when some of the tasks are collapsed 
  • Timeline labels are saved to project file and survive project reopenings and application restarts
  • WebDAV locking functions made working
  • Mac OS X users can now move tasks on the chart with Shift+left button
  • Hungarian, Korean, Chinese, Polish and Norwegian translations update
  • Added Hungarian and Chile calendars
You can download GanttProject 2.6.6 from our web site or from our pages on SourceForge.