Friday, November 23, 2012

GanttProject 2.6: release build

I am excited to announce availability of the release build of GanttProject 2.6 "Brno". It adds numerous new features: zero duration milestones, outline numbers, timeline labels, to name a few (see the highlights below). We hope they will make your work with GanttProject more productive and pleasant.

Download GanttProject 2.6 from Google Code

Thanks a lot to those who spent their time on downloading beta and RC builds, using them in the daily work, fighting big and small bugs and reporting those bugs to us! Unfortunately it is not so easy to find and fix all bugs before the release, and it means that testing continues and we're waiting for the new bug reports. One severe issue has already been found, and there are a few more problems which we'd like to fix, so expect a bugfix release quite soon.

Thanks also to translators who did their best to update the most important translations: German, French, Spanish, Italian and a few others. We're still missing Japanese and Chinese translation updates, so please if you can and willing to do them, don't miss the chance :)

Special kudos to Aki Sivula from Finland who did an amazing job on updating Finnish translation and testing GanttProject!

GanttProject 2.6 highlights:

  • milestones have zero duration. That was a very old debt and we're glad that we have closed it;
  • new robust task scheduler;
  • tasks can be shown as labels in the timeline which are visible even if task is collapsed in the tree. By default, milestones are shown in the timeline, but any task can be put there;
  • tasks with notes are labeled now with a note icon on the chart and notes text appears in a tooltip when mouse is over icon;
  • new Outline number column which shows automatically calculated hierarchical outline number;
  • CSV import makes data exchange with spreadsheets working in both ways;
  • vertical dragging of Gantt and Resource charts;
  • WebDAV integration UI was completely rewritten. It becomes more important as the number of cloud storage services increases;
  • when changing task dates and duration in properties dialog you can now choose what is fixed and what changes;
  • logo shown in the UI and in the reports can now be easily changed;
More details in our blog posts by label Brno