Sunday, March 11, 2012

GanttProject 2.5 Release build

Hello GanttProject community,
we have published the release build of GanttProject 2.5 Praha. Thank you all for the great job you did!

  • Brave souls who used beta and release candidate builds and submitted hundreds of issues to the tracker, you well deserve kudos for the high quality of this release
  • Translators all over the world, thanks to your awesome efforts GanttProject speaks 15+ languages 
  • Maarten, my personal thanks for initiating this release cycle and for your work on code. It was great that I was not just a single and lonely developer.
Of course it is not the end. We will be publishing maintenance updates and we will be working on new features, making GanttProject more easy, friendly and powerful tool.

GanttProject 2.5 download page with packages for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and platform-independent ZIP distribution.

Brief summary of what's new in GanttProject 2.5