Thursday, April 8, 2010

GanttProject news

This recent post on the forum reminded me to share some GanttProject news.

First, many of you have probably noticed that we've got our own forum. This almost finishes our migration from SourceForge. Most of the stuff, including bug and feature tracking, is now hosted on Google Code, and forum is hosted on We're still using SourceForge version control, but we migrated to Mercurial.

Our new forum is similar to SourceForge feature-wise but it is faster and less cluttered than SF. However, another UI and performance was not the only reason to move. We're going to improve web experience of our users, but let me keep the details in secret for now and avoid giving any promises or public commitments.

Second, I am working on GanttProject 2.0.11 which will fix a few bugs and usability issues. You may track the changes in code on our GanttProject pages on Google Code. One of the latest changes allows for dragging tasks holding Ctrl with left button of your mouse and even allows to customize this behavior using a .properties file. 

GanttProject Loire is also alive and evolving in its new Mercurial repository. It is experiencing a major refactoring of almost all important components, which really takes a lot of time and efforts but which is necessary to open up space for extensibility and for new features in task/resource management.