Tuesday, April 14, 2009

GanttProject.biz: now with Google App Engine!

April 12 becomes a day of great launches for me.

48 years ago Soviet engineers launched Vostok-1 spacecraft which carried Yury Gagarin onboard  and was powered by six liquid-fueled engines. Gagarin's flight was just 108 minutes long, but it made the Universe closer to the millions of people.

Since that time many Soviet and now Russian people celebrate Cosmonautics Day. I admit that it is one of my favorite holidays. This April I celebrate it with launching an updated GanttProject.biz, which now is also powered by an engine. Google App Engine

Its uptime now is about 20 hours and it is feeling good. I hope that this launch will eventually make the universe of information closer to hundreds of GanttProject users. Stay tuned!