Friday, December 21, 2007

Gantta Claus is here with GanttProject 2.0.6!

GanttProject 2.0.6 was released a few days ago, on December 17. You are welcome to download and use it!

GanttProject 2.0.6 is a maintenance release that integrates better with Windows and MacOSX and fixes a couple of severe bugs and a few UI quirks.

New features
  • Windows installer can associate Microsoft Project files with GanttProject. It makes easier the life of those who don't have MS Project on their machines but want to view .mpp and .mpx files using GanttProject. The option in installer is turned off by default. If turned on during installation, it will associate .mpp and .mpx files with GanttProject so that GP starts when you double click such file and imports it
  • MacOSX application now handles "About" and "Quit" system menu commands correctly and also creates file associations with .gan files

The following bugs were fixed in GanttProject 2.0.6:

  • Fixed problems with Slovenian translation (wrong names of months and days of week)